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Kismet Connection Academy isn't for those willing to settle.

This isn't just a how-to course, it goes so much deeper. We tap into the magic of human connection to land soulmate clients, evoke emotion, forever alter your client experience, host meaningful styled shoots, utilize Instagram, crush client gifting and ultimately only book soulmate clients, know how to bring in over $10k months and run a photography business you ADORE that gives couples a legacy they'll never want to forget. I’m on a mission to give photographers the tools to rise above normal & good enough. Enrollment is currently closed for KCA but spots for my 1:1 private Voxer coaching are currently open! 

you're ready. you deserve better than good enough.


Come dream with me for a moment.. you're in a reality where you're booking only your soulmate clients, they're excited to pay you DOUBLE what you're charging now, you feel confident after each session or celebration and photography is your full time gig! You feel supported by your business and filled with purpose, rather than controlled by your biz. You're traveling worldwide for couples that absolutely adore you and give you reviews like "The photos you see are never posed, but genuine interactions archived into a split second shot. They are real, raw, wild, beautiful, messy, emotional, imperfect, goofy, natural, authentic...the same can be said about love. It is because of her ability to capture this, that when you see her photos one word always comes to mind: love. Leandra made us feel comfortable before we ever met her. Every time I see her photos, I can feel the emotions deeply tied into them: from both the people in front of the camera and the woman who stands behind it. Leandra will make you feel like you’ve known her forever." These kind of reviews were years in the making of perfecting my client experience and everything tied to that, I want to give you everything so you can skip the years of stress and skip to the extraordinary.

It's it time you finally gave your business the chance it deserves...

You don't have to do it alone. 

For the photographers that are craving...


a next level business

more time

soulmate clients

less stress

better client experience

images that turn to legacies

no more price objections

5 star thoughtful reviews

"You just felt like a friend right from the beginning. You spoke to me before I met you."

- Sara, 2020 bride

no more taking unaligned work

Feeling like your back is against a wall to take work you're not iN LOVE with to stay afloat? no more of that. When you're burnt out and resentful your clients can tell. Always. You don't need to shoot 40+ weddings a year to have a successful business. Full stop.

more travel with soulmate clients

You get to not be location bound. Without knowing how to harness the power of human connection you may be limiting yourself to one region. No more of that. Love is worldwide, you are worldwide.

confident nurturing clients from lead to review

The journey begins before you ever meet. Directing your couples begins before you ever meet. Understanding the psychology behind comfort and connection is essential to give your couples an above and beyond experience.

Here's What you might be missing:

KCA takes photographers from feeling frustrated, unaligned with their business & work to having that *missing piece* receiving 5 star thoughtful reviews, kick ass at directing, ready to rock Instagram, mega confident saying no to unaligned work, killer at client communication & creating successful styled shoots left n right. Did I mention badass at booking destination dream jobs through evoking emotion, the magic of human connection & psychology? Oh yeah, this is a one time investment to change your photography business forever.

The only Course you need


i want in

Magnetic Magic & Soulmate Client Avatar

We're changing what we're available for, what we're gifted to give and who we get to offer it to. We're deciding that you're no loner available for "good enough" photographs, experiences, clients, income and business. You're the only one for many.

KCA Course breakdown:

LESSON no. 1

heck yes 

Pricing with purpose for soulmate clients & dream work

During week 2 we'll be breaking down your irresistible offer, Connection Calls, and your Welcome & Investment Guide to remove price objections and ONLY attract soulmate clients and dream work like clockwork. Say goodbye to ghosting and "we can't afford that!"

LESSON no. 2

show me

Hosting meaningful styled shoots

We go deep on how to host and shoot a successful editorial shoot so you can build amazing vendor relationships (friendors), get noticed by large publications and build your expertise. There's no ceiling here.

LESSON no. 3

heck yes plz

Instagram Audit

I teach you how to feel confident using Instagram to grow your business and attract soulmate leads so you don't have to feel controlled by the algorithm or frustrated with social media. Instagram get's to be easy. This free lead source can change your biz if approached intentionally.

LESSON no. 4

read my mind

Evoking emotion & directing

Raw, romantic, honest, emotion can show through when the composition and the photograph has good foundational legs to stand on. Then comes in the magic, we dive deep into creating a space that creates the opportunity to foster authentic emotion. This is about more than just "good" images. You're better than that.

LESSON no. 5

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Client gifts

 This week we talk about intentional client gifting without breaking the bank that make YOUR job easier and let you spoil the people that have given you your dream job. Get ready to start hearing "you're our forever photographer."

LESSON no. 6






The results you're going to see:

How does this sound?

Fill your calendar with your dream clients that light you up rather feeling forced to take on unaligned work. 

Create a tribe of loyal, DEVOTED CLIENTS who CAN'T WAIT TO INVEST IN YOU.


expect to have your work look and feel different to you and your clients.

Replace your 9-5 income and make more in a month than ever before.


A year from now I don't want you to 
have wished you started today....

so let's dive in!

success stories

from the queen of launchinG 


What past KCA students are saying...


"It's so evident that Leandra puts her whole heart into educating, encouraging, and leading other photographers. I'm SO thankful for Leandra & all she does for the photography community!"



Feel ready to shift your money mindset and know how to bring in over $10k months while taking on less clients than ever before.

Feel confident and ready to raise your investment in integrity. 

Be able to clearly & confidently direct your couples to evoke emotion.

Have all of my high converting email structure that allows me to book 99% of all dream inquiries.

Know how to utilize Instagram so you can stop stressing about the algorithm and lock in dream work.

Constantly receiving meaningful love notes from clients ready to refer you to everyone 

By the end of Kismet Connection Academy, you will...


You're stronger than you think you are. But if you're anything like me, you need support to take your super power to the next level. You just want someone to tell you what works. Does this feel Kismet to you, too?

you're in the right place.

"It was like the stars had aligned"


When you slid into my DMs it didn’t feel salesy or weird, it was like the stars had aligned because I really liked your work and was thinking of reaching out to you anyway. When we started shifting away from original plans of a big wedding you really just stepped right in and made us feel like we had a teammate in the whole elopement thing...so then by the time we went to Colorado we felt like friends already!"

- KATIE B | 2020 BRIDE

Being able to simply capture a moment in time with a photo is a blessing. Being able to capture raw emotion, the essence of a beautiful experience, humanity, and love itself; is miraculous. That is what Leandra does for her clients. Looking back at our photos evokes those same emotions that we felt that day all over again.  Her ability to put you at ease and her effort to make you as comfortable as can be not only makes for a better experience, but a genuinely enjoyable one. Our wedding day is and was so important to us and it truly was one of the best experiences and memories of our lives. We are so touched by how much she poured her soul into capturing the love and commitment we made to each other.

Being able to capture raw emotion, the essence of a beautiful experience, humanity, and love itself; is miraculous. That is what Leandra does for her clients

May 2019 - I was still at my corporate job in Baltimore, Maryland tucked away in the conference room masking my excitement as full blown tears ran down my face while I officially registered my very own business in the state of North Carolina. It was time to begin my new journey as an entrepreneur - but soon the scary and evitable question needed an answer, what in the heck do I do now? The reality: Starting a photography business, for me, was rooted in my heart but I had no compass, no road map, no execution plan and no safety net to fall on. I learned that while photography had been a passion for years, I had no idea how to attract clients, build a successful business, or confidently say I could create something lasting and meaningful. Equal parts exciting and terrifying.

Learn more about leandra

Two years ago, I was lost, exhausted, overwhelmed and disconnected.

Shortly after getting my business up and running, I hit a wall. Was I booking clients? Yes (thankfully). Were they authentic soulmate clients that I deeply connected to? Not at all. I still felt lost and I was craving better than "good enough" for myself & clients. I had high hopes of this business being a vessel that would change the lives of others, that would give souls a new way to see themselves, authentically capture the big and small memories, and preserve legacies to cherish and honor for years to come. I knew this path was my purpose but felt so unsupported by it, I knew there had to be something more to help guide creators like me. After MONTHS of brainstorming and planning I put Kismet Connection Academy into motion. Kismet Connection Academy delivers a holistic approach to designing your life as a creative entrepreneur, because we all know, clients aren't just choosing photographs - they’re choosing the brand, story, individual, experience, comfort, love, support and honesty behind the lens. I say this to every one of my couples and I will say it to you, "photographs look and feel different when they are created from the heart and lens of someone that honors and adores you and your love story" full stop.

i can help because i've truly been there

but now I know how to help!

This course is the only one of its kind because...

It was created with intention...

After I started my business I felt so lost on the next step. I was overwhelmed and overworked, and for what?! Clients that we're, well...fine. But I didn't feel light up with passion, totally aligned with my purpose and jazzed for the next shoot.  Is this something you've felt recently? 

I've taken everything I've learned in the past 10 years of photographing that has given me an abundant business of my dreams that makes clients say things like " I just felt like it was meant to be that you're our photographer" and made it into a course for you. This is exactly what I wished I had two years ago when my business took off. 

it's built with heart, a whole lotta soul and no bs.

I'm not about sugar coating things for you. This isn't some hokey, how-to, high level course. I so deeply want photographers to experience the joy of having a business that supports you and clients that are dying to scream your name for the world to hear! I've put my heart and soul into creating this container for photographers that are ready to take their creative business to the next level, not in 6 months, not in a year, right freaking now. This isn't for the faint of heart, this is for the ambitious, creative and passionate couples photographer. You CAN expect a radical transformation in your business. 

theres nothing out there that teaches the magic of connection & the human experience 

For years I thought this little piece, the intentional focus on the connection between photographer & couple, really getting to know their love story, the dance between lens and love and all that this encompasses from lead to review was my secret sauce, it turns out - it was!!! I was afraid it wasn't teachable, guess what... it freaking is. Photography is such an intimate art and I'm shocked there's nothing else out there that hones in on this aspect of photography. In finding this, I decided to create it. This is the missing piece. 

P.S There's so much goodness inside of KCA I wanted you to have it for peek wedding szn.

LEARN at your own pace

templates to use & build from

a community of soulful creatives


Kismet Connection Academy is everything you need rise to the next level  in your photography biz

This is more than a course for you, this is for your present and future clients. For their families to relive their unique story for years to come in the most extraordinary way. This is for their legacies. This is for the photographer you might teach in the future that is where you're at right now. This is for your CPA, because yes, your investment in this course can be written off. Okay that was as joke but also not really. ;)

I trust that you know what to do.


This      for you if:

YOU'RE craving to book more DESTINATION WORK

You're not ready to TRY new habits & mindsets

YOU'RE sick of surface level clients that don't value you AND YOUR WORK


ready to leave your full time OR PART TIME job

It's probably           for you if...

you don't yet believe that you get to have the biz of your dreams