It's time to celebrate what’s real, the beautiful finite & fleeting moments that create our infinite truth. And to think that with just a blink, an ordinary and frequent human instinct, we could miss it all. We get seduced into thinking that the mundane moments are somehow unimportant. Let’s not let it feast on our innocence anymore. Stop. Look her in the eyes, Let yourself feel, Listen to your enemy, Go somewhere new, tell that person you LOVE them in anything but words. Let these moments scare you, thrill you, bewilder you. It’s about our world, our perception of what’s vital, our connections, our favorite colors and people, neighborhoods, stories, and memories… all right here, unwearyingly waiting to be recognized for what they are. It’s about falling in love with the moment over and over again and appreciating its fleeting nature. It’s the act of feeling truly alive this thing we all share, together. We wouldn’t be ourselves, without it. It’s about commemorating our connectedness, the realization that I wouldn’t be me without you.

its about your legacy

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its about your legacy

An elopement no longer holds the same secretive "runaway together" meaning that it once did. In my book, an elopement is an alternative and extraordinary wedding day experience that allows couples to focus on their love story & their future together - rather than the guests, traditions that don't feel applicable and unnecessary stress to put on a "show." An elopement is a way to honor your unique love story, a path to vow your partnership to your person in a fun, personalized & meaningful way. It is an unparalleled intimate wedding experience that allows the focus to be on the love & connection between the couple. An elopement booked with Leandra Creative Co. Photography is completely made for you & yours.

I am totally in love with elopements and micro weddings because I've seen how purely overjoyed it makes couples to be able to ditch the big wedding expectations and create a day that is truly meaningful and FUN for them. You CAN have a day that truly lights your heart on fire with more peace, fulfillment and love than stress.

This can be tricky but overall such an important decision as this (typically) outdoor space will work as your "venue" and you want to feel at peace here. If you don't already have a location in mind, once you book you gain access to my full private location list and we'll take the necessary time to pick the perfect location just for you two based on what you love, what you don't and your comfort level.

The short answer? ANYTHING YOU WANT THAT MAKES YOU FEEL SEXY AND BEAUTIFUL. Okay but truly, the magic of smaller weddings lives in the fact that is is all about what YOU TWO want, what makes you feel your best - this applies to your attire, too!! Want the most princess wedding gown out there? Fab. Floral jumpsuit? Amazing. Nude? Okay, umm - let's chat first.

I’ve found that the focus shifts from the couple and their love when there are more than 25 guests. With that being said, there are no rules for your elopement! If it feels right to have 2 or 25 guests then do it. I encourage capping your micro wedding or elopement at 30 people though. Remember this is your day, not Aunt Kathy’s or Karen from college.

IT’S A MUST! I offer lots of printed products through your personal online gallery. I encourage clients to print directly through me for quality & convenience. From my online store you can purchase stunning printed photographs to frame yourself, framed prints, cards, calendars, lay-flat coffee table photo albums, and so much more.

Heck yes! I'm so passionate about you having the most extraordinary elopement or micro wedding day experience that I encourage couples to choose a location that feels like their love, that makes them the happiest! Yosemite? I'll help you get the permit. Seaside in the south of France? I'll pack my sunhat (and probably an extra one for you). Rocky Mountain National Park? I'll grab my hiking boots. Central Park? I'm already there. ;) 

Absolutely. After you pay the non refundable deposit to secure your date, I break my packages into 1-3 payments to minimize stress - money is not what you should be worried about right now! This can be discussed based on the package as well.

Heck yes! We love pups, like seriously. We’re kind of dog obsessed over here and likely you are too. See my page all about pet attendant services here and leave all the work to us so you can have fun with your pup. Check out more about our pet attendant services HERE!

I do! We're surrounded by such an incredible community of creative and wonderful vendors. Let's chat about it on your discovery call!

I deliver your professionally hand-edited images to your online gallery within 2-6 weeks of our photoshoot. Some sneak peaks are usually in your inbox within 48 hours though. ;)

Sister I FEEL YOU. I know this doesn't make it all go away but just know that I'm here for you, Whether you decide to book me and become bffs or not. There is someone out there that thinks you're fabulous and so deserving of love and an absolutely perfect wedding day experience. It's pretty inaccurate to say that when you book me that I'm just your photographer. You pretty much get a personal life therapist, planner & devoted friend that actually cares about your wedding day experience being everything that brings you joy and more. So take a moment, lower your shoulders, take a deep breath and know that we will get through this. I can't wait to help you have the most extraordinary wedding experience that is made just for you

ANSWER: Heck yes! We love pups, like seriously. We’re kind of dog obsessed over here and likely you are too. See my page all about pet attendant services here and leave all the work to us so you can have fun with your pup. Check out more about our pet attendant services HERE!